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Time out by 1hr when sending emails

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I have a date/time field that is used as a field in an automated email using AT Automation. The field is correct in AT but when the email is received the filed is 1hr out. I’m sure it relates to GMT/BST but why doesn’t the filed appear in the body of the email with the same time?

Is there anything I can to do to fix this?



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Date/time data is stored internally based on GMT. For display purposes, Airtable defaults to adjusting this time based on your local timezone, but when you enter a date/time, it’s converted to GMT before storing. What you’re probably seeing in the email is the time based on the raw GMT data. To get something that’s actually in your local time, you’ll need to add a formula field that forces the formatted date to a specific timezone. The basic formula will be this:

DATETIME_FORMAT(SET_TIMEZONE({Date Field}, "timezone_specifier"), "format_specifier")

Timezone specifiers are listed here:

DATETIME_FORMAT() specifiers are here:

Then you can include the output of the formula field in your email instead of the date field itself.

Thanks. If we specify this as BST (GMT+1)does it mean we have to change all of our formula’s when we move into GMT ? (UK daylight savings)

Maybe. I’ve been fiddling with daylight saving time shifts here in the US in a couple of my own bases, trying to find the magic sauce that will keep date calculation formulas clean both before and after the transition, but it’s eluded me so far. The best advice that I can offer is to set it as best you can for now, and keep an eye on how things look as you approach the time shift.