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Tool for a simple public interface

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I need to create a very simple interface plugged on a single table where I want to apply hierachical filters such as Main Category / Sub Category / Detailed Category and display the line resulting from the applied filter.
I cannot use Airtable interface to do so because I do not want users to have to sign in before using the interface.
I tried with SoftR, but I could not find a way to implement hierarchical filters.
Does anyone know about a no code tool that I could use to do this?
Thank you

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Both On2Air Forms and offer this hierarchical feature.

7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Thank you, but I will try another solution because I cannot continue adding new monthly fees everytime I have to do some new feature.

Ahhhh, the total cost of ownership issue. :winking_face:

I agree - all these additional costs and not to mention the brittleness these add to your solution. The more crap you lean on to make solutions happen, the more likely you will experience failures for a variety of reasons. And let’s not disregard the impact on the solution’s IP stack - the more it leans on other commercial add-ins, the less value it has so this impacts potential funding, IP rights, etc.

I’ll bet if someone researched the total cost of operating an average non-trivial Airtable solution, it would be north of $79/user, not $25.

Have you considered a shared embed URL in a web page with links that map to each of the filters and then use sync tables to perform the filtered output?