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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone,

I’m new with Airtable. I’m sorry this is so long; please forgive me if this answer has been given ad nauseam. I’ve wracked my brain, I’ve read up on many-one, one-many, and many-many relationships and junction tables. I’ve played with multiple solutions and looked at other tables but my brain has difficulty understanding stuff right now. I’ve diagrammed the relationships between tables on paper (I use to program basic FilemakerPRo DBs but my brain just can’t make this work). Maybe it can’t be done. I feel a bit silly, really. I’ve sen many people on these forums answer queries in a really kind way and I hope I can get some of that kindness myself …

I feel like the answer to my query is right there in front of me but my brain can’t see it, even if the answer is “No, this can’t be done”. Any help anyone can provide would be really appreciated.

The Solution I’m Trying to Achieve

  1. To track client progress in unique exercise workouts across multiple clients across multiple days for the same workout
  2. To track changes in weights lifted for each different exercise in every unique workout day
  3. To track intensity (sets and repetitions achieved) for either (a) each exercise per workout or (b) each workout overall
  4. To Pre-fill the workout so that the client (or just myself) can:
    (a) See the same workout in a view on the same day each week for a given period of weeks
    (b) Track the changes from that same view

The overall idea is for me to be able to write new exercise programs for clients and have them track them at home, online, so that I can keep watch over their progress each week and help them make modifications based on that when we meet together. I work in a clinical and high performance setting as an exercise physiologist, so tweaking the workouts and their intensity is key to progress (I have solutions that allow the base to auto-populate intensity prescription per workout based a self-reporting system, which works nicely … my biggest issue is making the following tracking possible). In other words, I want to be able to provide the client with an online version of their workout from which they can also keep track of the above elements.

It is most important that they can record a different weight for each exercise for each different workout.

It is most imperative that the exercises be listed in the correct order/sequence for each workout

My Issues To Date
I have developed a basic version of the workout base (which includes goals, which I’m sure I can figure out if I can just get this other part of it to work). My issue is that while I can link the various fields, I have difficulty understanding (a) If Airtable can do what I want in the way I conceive of it and (b) If so, how to make it do that.

I can get the fields to link up. I can get a table to change the values in the fields and populate another table’s fields with those values via Lookup. I can allocate multiple exercises per workout via a multiple select field and via a lookup field. I can record the same workout across multiple days and weeks.

I cannot, for the life of me, work out how to make it so that I can have a re-ocurring instance of a given exercise that is included in a given workout which occurs over many weeks on the same day, and be able to record a different weight or sets and reps for each exercise in each workout session. It’s imperative that we can show progress and that we can regress difficulty if necessary, depending on where they are in their training cycle or health status.

The best - and messiest - solution I can come up with is to have a lookup field followed by a short text field of the same name and have them report in that. Maybe that’s the solution but I’m so foggy in my brain I just can’t see it.

Example Base
I’ve tried many solutions. Embedded here is one such solution I’ve mocked up. You’ll see I can group workouts by Day for ease of tracking throughout the week. I just really want this to work but if it can’t work yet, it’s okay. I can make an alternative.

If anyone can help, I would be greatly appreciative. Even wiling to barter coaching video consultations for elegant solutions :winking_face: (Let me know if it’s inappropriate to say something like that here!).

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi! While I wish I had an immediate answer, I too am just digging into my needs but I’m excited to say it’s doing almost everything I wanted and without the Pro plan so far. I’m having a hard time understanding exactly what you are looking for, but would be more than happy to put our heads together.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Did you ever end up figuring this out? I’m interested in accomplishing a similar thing and would love to see what you did ?