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4 - Data Explorer

Hello! I run an auction house for a primarily text based MMORPG that’s PG-13 with the use of Airtable. Lately, we’ve received some submissions that are clearly meme/pranks. The problem is, that some of the material that have been submitted have involved nudity and acts that are lewd.

Which breaks the rules of the auction house, as well as the MMORPG that the auction house is ran for (It’s the internet. Some players in the game are minors.). That being said, the staff for the game has asked that I grab the IP address of those that have submitted such images/content so that those users can be banned as appropriate by the game’s TOS.

Is there a way for me to discover an IP address of the form submitter or figure out whom submitted what?

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Hi @Mishka_Sorokin
I am not sure if you can get an IP address of the form submitter, what if they are on a VPN?

You could make a required field in the form that is their player ID, then check that ID against a banned list to approve the post.

Airtable doesn’t give you the ability to capture the IP Address, but you can use a more advanced form tool like JotForm to grab that information:

JotForm also gives you other sorts of security tools, such as CAPTCHAs:

JotForm also has native integration with Airtable.

If they’re on a VPN, that VPN will pop up as well in the game. While I could go ahead and create a login prompt, I also don’t want to discourage users from submitting.

10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

We’ve built an advanced form for Airtable. It supports capturing the user’s IP address.