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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi, I have a table in airtables that has the following columns

1.persons first 2. last name and 3. regular hours worked 4. overtime hours worked 5. hazard hours worked.

I would like to transform the different type of hours worked columns into individual rows per person 

so for example I am starting with the following

First NameLast nameRegular hoursovertime hourshazard hours

and I want to transform it to the following

First nameLast nameamounttype
sarabrum40regular hours
sarabrum4overtime hours
sara brum10hazard hours

How can this be done? When I finish I would like to be able to export the data in this format or send it to a third party like zapier

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Try out doing this with an automation with 3 "Create record" actions

Can you be more specific? And is this the only way to do it.