Trigger Zapier to Airtable workflow when copying text on mobile

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Here is an interesting integration I found. I use the Clipto app for some time although I am disappointed it takes them for about 2 years now to create an app for iOS. I thought the project is going to be abandoned but then suddenly they got this on offer now - a Zapier integration.

So in this scenario you copy the text on Android device (copy menu) or computer and by doing so it would trigger a Zapier workflow, which could of course mean updating Airtable for instance. I could imagine creating a workflow that would enable me to fill in the Airtable directly by copying text while browsing a web page or looking at any document on a mobile device or computer. It could be I copy first the name, then the phone number, then email, maybe address etc… and the Zapier workflow could fill in Airtable for me.

So I just wanted to share…
I can’t tell you how it works though because I don’t have a paid premium Zapier account. Paid Zapier account is likely needed to get to get a multi-step worklow running. But I guess if a simple 2 step workflow with this integration is possible, then could work for free a account too.

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