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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Looking for Created Time inside other Table.


When i do a formula and type Find()
It will not show me the column named “Date Created”

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You have to relate the records and bring the data with a Lookup first.

Hi Thanks! Yeah i saw that as a hint in the forumula but i am a little bit confused about that part.

You want this?

So you have to have double numbering in that table for it too work?

What you mean?

If you want to work with data from other table you need to bring it first.

I give up. i tried so many stuff…
All i want is to know the date i last had a conversation with someone but i think its impossible…

i did get all the records in one table on my other table. but you have to always input manually.

If you don’t explain how your base is structured, and what you want to achieve based on that, we can’t help you.

Anyway, you can have a Interactions table and use this technique: Most Recent Date from another table