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Re: Trying to get pricing details on the Enterprise plan

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I’ve been having a lot of trouble trying to get hold of someone from Airtable regarding the Enterprise plan. I’ve messaged in live chat, got a colleague to message and even gone on Twitter! Now when someone got back to me they were from support and not sales.

All I’m after is a minimum price for Enterprise, we need to ensure all our users are managed in one portal and we have one bill and are seucre.

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I believe the cost of Enterprise is $10,000 per year (paid annually, not monthly), but I’m not sure how many users that includes. That might be for up to 10 users, but I’m not 100% sure.

It’s really disappointing that they aren’t getting back to people who are trying to reach out to them. This has been an ongoing problem with them.

I’m sure the price varies slightly depending on the deal you manage to strike, but my company was told that 20 users is the minimum amount allowed on an Enterprise plan.

I believe the approximate cost per user per month (paid annually, as Scott mentioned) is $40.