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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I have a table full of sales figures. Each row has a sale month column which is Apr-19 for example.

In a view I want to show all the sales grouped by month but the groups be in order, like:

Nov - 18
Dec - 18
Jan - 19
Feb - 19


How do I do that? A-Z doesnt work and neither does 1-9 etc.


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What type of field is that? You have 2 options:

  • Write a number for the month at the beginning
  • Use a Date field and then create a Formula field to the the month number with MONTH()

Hi - thanks for the reply.

Its a formula feild taking MMM-YY from a date

I just tried MMYY but it will only let me sort A-Z despite the output being numbers?

Got it - had to group by year num + then by month num