Understanding how Google Drive API and Airtable scripting can work together

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6 - Interface Innovator

I am trying to get a specific folder ID from Google Drive through an Airtable script based on information from a newly created record. I think I am supposed to get access to my Google Drive by connecting to it via API. I’ve built and published a web app using Google Apps Script but I’m unclear how to connect the platforms together. What are the general steps to send data from Airtable to the web app so it can take that information, process it and send back a response to update a record?

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There’s an ongoing open beta for Drive sync, mostly meta data stuff, which sounds like your use case. Other than that, you’re familiar with Apps Script, you say? Means you can write a fetch request, which is good, because I’m not sure if anything else will be as helpful in connecting the two.

Ping and endpoint, process data, gradually get smarter at how you go about it and eventually find a way for all of your endpoints to only ping you. Same as everywhere else, I guess, though Airtable’s documentation is way better than the industry average; someone meaner might even say it’s been than most of the actual product but oh well. :joy: In terms of getting off the ground a bit faster, I’ve recently stumbled upon Autocode after seeing it mentioned on these boards. I’ts been a really enjoyable and surprisingly free experience so far.