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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have a formula that pulls text from another field. That field is a link to another table. Airtable is creating quotation marks around the text if the text contains any punctuation marks. Is there a way of stopping this??

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What is your formula? Or what are you trying to do?

That’s Airtable’s default behavior when accessing a text field with embedded punctuation. I know of no way to prevent it from happening — but you could always wrap your formula with something like


I may need your help on this on. Being from the Netherlands I keep running into issues related to quotation marks.

Your formula works for me, but… it works for all records (duh…). The thing is that unlike @Thomas_Lea only the records that have a comma included appear with the quotation marks. So, I figured I use a formula like
The formula is not accepted because of the 3 quotation marks.

Do you have an idea how I can solve this?
Thanks in advance!

Airtable will accept strings surrounded with single quotes as well as double quotes. In your case, you can search for a double quote by surrounding it with single quotes, like this.

IF(LEFT({text}, 1)='"', MID({text}, 2, LEN({text})-2), {text})

Worked like a charm!! Thank you.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I think this post has the solution I need. But, I can’t figure out how to apply it to my existing formula.

I have a 4-part title (4 fields concatenated into 1 to make up a title). Not all 4 parts are used in every record, so I wanted my formula to remove added punctuation or spaces in case of a blank field in the concatenated string. I can’t figure out how to keep that aspect of my formula and add the aspect in this forum that gets rid of the unwanted quotation marks when part of the title has a comma.

Here is my current formula:
IF(OR({Agency, Program}=BLANK(),{Module Title}=BLANK()),CONCATENATE({Agency, Program},{Module Title}),CONCATENATE({Agency, Program}," - ",{Module Title}))

Can anyone help me adapt this to get rid of the quotation marks, please? Thank you!!!

This could be done by wrapping your existing formula inside a SUBSTITUTE() function. If all you need to do is remove quotes, this will work:

SUBSTITUTE(IF(OR({Agency, Program}=BLANK(),{Module Title}=BLANK()),CONCATENATE({Agency, Program},{Module Title}),CONCATENATE({Agency, Program}," - ",{Module Title})), '"', "")

If there aren’t any quotes to remove, the output will remain unmodified.

Worked perfectly. Thank you!!!

Hey Justin!

I have the same problem as Jessica, I did follow the steps you guided but I am still having the quotations.

SUBSTITUTE(CONCATENATE({Customer},"-",{Project Street Address},"-",{Project Number}), ‘"’, ‘""’)