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Update multiple record value with automation

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i have a communication log table, when i request something from Client and he didn’t replay the record still opened , i forced to call back to the client and open new ticket , finally i found may tickets still opened , how can i close all opened ticket related to to same client automatically

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hi @Mohamed_Galal,
you have two options to solve this problem:

EASIER BUT LESS FLEXIBLE: creating an Airtable automation that gets triggered when a client record column is checked. The action for that automation should be to look for all the records in the tickets table that are related to the client record. Then you can add an update action to change the status of all those records.

MORE COMPLEX BUT MORE FLEXIBLE: creating an Airtable automation with a script that also gets triggered when the checkbox is checked. The script looks through all the tickets records and finds all the tickets that are connected to the client. It then can perform different actions on them such as:

  • create a status report on the client record aggregating all tickets
  • delete the ticket records
  • change the status or other fields from the ticket records

The script option is much more flexible and allows you to perform many more actions on the ticket records according to your specific needs but might be harder to create if you are not familiar with Javascript.

Hope this helps!

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thank you very mush Alessio , i am trying to create a automation but it is not working , can you help me with that ?

hi @Mohamed_Galal,
Sure, what are you struggling with?

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