Updating all information in table with new imported information & tracking changes

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4 - Data Explorer

I’m using airtable as a contact database (currently 450 records). This database needs to be mass updated by exported information once a month. Is there a way to mass lookup the differences in one set of data and update the old data with the most recent information? I know you can use Zapier to do this, but it is super expensive. Any tips?

We are also wanting to track progress for each contact. For example;
John smith is a record that has not taken a course so on his record the course is marked as “No”. Once he takes the course we want to update his record but also see that it was marked as “No” on a certain date. Would love help figuring this one out. Thanks!

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You can also do this with Integromat, which is much cheaper than Zapier. And it has way more power & functionality than Zapier, too.

I cannot figure out how. Do you have a step by step for something like this?

No, I don’t. There is no real quick or easy or automated way to do the things that you listed, so they would need to be manually programmed into your system.

You could probably do much of this internally within Airtable (without using external automation tools) by using the scripting block — but you would need to write JavaScript code to do that. There are multiple JavaScript experts in these forums.

Also, these sound like pretty large tasks that you need to accomplish, so it’s likely that you might need to hire a consultant to help you with these tasks.