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This post is a follow up to earlier (closed) post here. I’m reopening it because the proposed solution doesn’t work. “Thumbnail Link” is not a solution to upload images from Google Drive to AirTable , because Thumbnail Link images are low resolution.

If you generate barcodes and then get low resolution barcodes uploaded to Airtable that could become an issue when later printing the barcodes. Cheap scanners are bad at picking up EAN and UPC barcodes in general so you want to have better resolution image used for printing the barcodes.

I am running it with Remove.BG and although Remove.BG produces high resolution image that is uploaded to Google Drive folder, the last step in the flow (Airtable update) is not able to grab the full resolution image from Google drive, instead, it takes the Thumbnail Link, and it only gets a small resolution image.

I wasted 50 dollars in Remove.BG credits today first by wrongly assuming the workflow generates high resolution images (which it did but I deleted them wrongly assuming they are all being uploaded to Airtable…) and then by running the workflows over and over 100 times trying to figure out what’s wrong.

Lot’s of money wasted. Honestly I am surprised neither Integromat nor Airtable folks have provided a guide for something so simple. I would assume loading pictures from Google Drive to AirTable is relatively basic requirement.

Anyhow, I managed to get it working now you get high resolution image to Airtable from Google drive. I believe similar logic will be required for Dropbox, OneDrive and Box.

The missing step was the “Get a Share Link” module.


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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I also discovered this - the ‘Get a Share Link’ is needed as the security settings for the file need it be publicly available (for anyone with the link). You may be able to get round this also if the folder in Google Drive you’re uploading to is publicly available, and then you can point your airtable module directly to the content in the ‘Upload a file’ module.

OK great, yes it does work as well. So in Google Drive I created a sharing link publicly accessible. I don’t need that link, it’s just the process of making the folder accessible. Then in Integromat I have Google Drive Upload File module and then followed by Airtable Update Record module. In the Airtable Update Module I can now select Web Content Link and the workflow works and produces full resolution image. Thanks for this tip.
It saves 1 step (credit) by voiding to have the Get a Share Link module.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Thank you so much! You saved my ass... I couldn't figure this out until I found your post. THANK YOU for sharing about your struggle and then sharing your findings so that others wouldn't have to face the same struggles. I appreciate this 🙏

p.s. the other proposed solution "if the folder in Google Drive you’re uploading to is publicly available" didn't help for me—I test so many times. The only solution that worked was actually the one with "Get a share link" module.