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Is there any way to generate a URL that will link to a specific record, ideally within a specific view? If not, PLEASE.

Our use case is the delegation of a given job. The record is the job ticket, and we need to quickly relay just that job. Via Slack, and a million other ways once integrated with Zapier.

Yes, this begs for a proper single-record view; the slippery-slope toward real print/PDF layouts. But let’s start at the URL level.


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A formula like this might help:

'' & RECORD_ID()

Grab the URL itself from the view that you want. You can do w/o view:

'' & RECORD_ID()


A really simple way to get the URL for the record is to just open up the expanded record and copy the URL, since it’ll change to reflect the record ID at the end of the URL.

Wow, I can’t believe we’ve missed this for so long! Thanx!

A couple things now that I’ve had a sec to look at this:

  1. I’d missed it because we try to use the “native” app. URLs (tho obviously valuable) are hidden.

  2. Such links require the user to have access credentials. What we really need is a public, single-record link, in which we can control the visible fields.


I’d missed it because we try to use the “native” app. URLs (tho obviously valuable) are hidden.

If you’re using the desktop app, File > Copy URL to Clipboard (Cmd+Shift+C on Mac, Ctrl+Shift+C on Windows) will copy the current page URL.

And yeah, helpful. What’d be awesome is variable/contextual table and view IDs, that way the whole URL string could be dynamic.

Yeah, I’d kill for:” & TABLE_ID() & “/” & VIEW_ID() & “/” & RECORD_ID()

Though if really dreaming:” & TEAM_ID() & “/” & BASE_ID() & “/” & TABLE_ID() & “/” & VIEW_ID() & “/” & RECORD_ID()



Do you happen to know how to do this in the iOS app?

Yes, I would like to know who to create a link that, when clicked on mobile, will open the record in the mobile app.