Using more than one form on one table, restricting record modification to a specific user?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello, I have one table that needs to collect data from two sources. The first source needs to complete basic information (the first 6-8 fields) one of the basic fields is the email address for the second source. Once the first source submits their entry the second source needs to receive an email asking them to complete the rest of the information, another 15-18 fields. I was thinking I could create two forms and use Zapier to trigger the email to the second source. Is there a way to ensure that the second source only modifies their own record?

Thank you!

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Welcome to the Airtable community!

If you are using native Airtable forms, keep in mind that the forms only create new records. They cannot be used to edit existing forms.

One method would be to use two linked tables. The first table has the first set of questions. The second table has the second set of questions. The tables are linked with a linked record field. After the first record is created, it uses a formula field to generate a prefilled url for a form for the second table. The prefill includes a unique code for the first record, such as the record id. The second user fills in the info in the second form, leaving the prefill alone. Finally an automation uses the prefilled unique identifier to link the second record to the first record.

If you want to use a third party system for editing records, you can do that as well. Each system has its own method for ensuring that users can edit only the records they should have access to.