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6 - Interface Innovator

Hello guys, is there a way to have a view to only show the last record?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @Ali_Aboutera

That is possible, but you need 2 tables though.

Make sure that in the 1st table you have an Autonumber field.
Obviously the last record will have the highest number.
Link every record in the 1st table to the 2nd table, that only has 1 record.

In the 2nd table create a ROLLUP field that will be linked to the autonumber field (in table 1).
In this Rollup field, make sure you use Max(values).

Let’s say table 1 has 50 records. The Rollup field in table 2 will display 50.

Now, back to table 1. Create a LOOKUP field, that will find the value of the Rollup field in table 2.
By doing so, every record (in the Lookup field) will show “50”.

Then, the last step: create a new - Trigger - field in table 1 and that will have a formula:
Obviously, only the last record will show “1”, because in that record Autonumber = 50, and Lookup = 50.

Now you are ready to create a filter in your view. Make sure it filters on the last Trigger field, and set it up that it will only display the record that has “1”.

Now it will only show the last record.

I wrote this last night and never hit ‘send’, evidently, as it was still sitting here this morning.

Well, you could always link every record in the table to a single record in another table; perform a rollup in the second table of either a created time field or an autonumber field with an aggregation function of MAX(values); do a lookup of the rollup field back to your original table; and create another formula field in your main table called {Show This} with the formula

IF({Created Time Field} = {Lookup of Latest Created Time},1)


IF({Autonumber Field} = {Last Autonumber},1)

Then create a view filtered to show only records where {Show This} = 1.