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4 - Data Explorer

My collaborators are producing MANY views.

Until there is a way to manage views within Airtable, I want some ideas about best practices, specifically a naming convention to be used throughout the organization for both Personal and Shared Views.

Make a view? - name it according to the following guidelines –
Want to make a view sharable? - Use the following procedure and (re) naming conventions.

How do YOU handle view proliferation?

How should View Management (and Block Management for that matter), be handled within Airtable?

Thanks for your ideas.

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We just put out a blog post on this exact topic, in conjunction with our latest new feature for Pro plans, locked views. Locked views allow creators to lock down view configuration options so collaborators can’t change the configuration options (e.g. filters, field visibility, record coloring etc.) until another collaborator explicitly unlocks them.


The blog post focuses on best practices for locked and personal views in a growing team, as well as ...

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi @Dan_Kerman,

I had the same issue and didn’t want to discourage people from using the system, but it was making me crazy to find my own reporting views. I asked everyone to please make their views “Personal Views.” That way they are not in the drop-down cluttering things up and no one can change them. Our viewing naming convention is to simply start the view name with our names, e.g. Sydney-Active Term Report

Another thing we do is use capitalization conventions - If a field is ALL CAPS that’s required. if it is all lower-case, it’s auto-generated, don’t worry about it. Finally, if it is sentence case, it is helpful, but optional. I have also made heavy use of the little (i) to explain usage conventions and what the different elements are in hopes that it improves compliance.


Thanks much. Reviewing. I’m kind of surprised that a “best practices” on this has not already evolved. But thanks for the leg-up. That goes for you too, @Sydney_Brown!