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Vimeo Links in URL Preview App

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Has anyone gotten Vimeo video links to preview using the URL Preview App? They do not load for me.

This comment (Media Field generating a duration in a new field - #6 by ScottWorld) mentions that Vimeo links from only paid Vimeo accounts can be previewed. I do have a paid Pro plan on Vimeo but my links still do not preview.

Airtable support article about the URL Preview app talks about getting a “rewritten” URL from Vimeo. I wonder what that is?

Here’s what it says:
"Vimeo URLs

  • Step 1: Generate share link in Vimeo
  • Step 2: Use share link to copy rewritten URL"

Thank you for your help!

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It seems like Airtable is very broken when it comes to Vimeo, and I’ve emailed them several times about it. You may want to email them at, but in general, I have found their customer support to be a dead-end for my concerns. If you discover anything valuable, please post back here! :slightly_smiling_face: