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4 - Data Explorer

How can I display other fields in a calendar View besides the Unique ID. Currently I only see the Unique ID on the calendar in a new calendar view. I do have a date field in the base that uses a date & Time. The Unique ID shows up in my cal view. In order for me to see any useful info in the calendar view I have to concatenate a few fields together for the unique ID field, only then do I get usable information in my calendar view. There must be a way to select a field to display in the calendar, but darned if I can find it.

A simple explanation of what I am doing is…I have 20 people who can work a shift, and 3 shifts a day. One table with the shifts and one with the employees. shifts could use anything for the PK, employees I use Employee #. To assign a shift to a employee I simply select the employee # in the shifts table that links back to employees. But I can only see the unique ID or a concatenated vision of it in calendar view.

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Welcome to the community, @Scott_Mertens !

Sadly & unfortunately, this is one of the many limitations in Airtable.

Airtable will only display your primary field on the calendar, so your only option is to use a formula as your primary field.

So, you could move your Unique ID into another field, and then change your primary field to become a formula which combines any of the other fields that you’d like to see on your calendar.

I wish I had better news for you! Airtable doesn’t normally listen to user requests for product improvements (which is another sad & unfortunate thing about Airtable), but you should definitely send them an email message at to request this feature.

Auch… :zipper_mouth_face: