Volunteer built base for nonprofit- how to upgrade plan with the discount for nonprofits?

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4 - Data Explorer

I am a volunteer that built a base for Grants Tracking for a nonprofit, using my gmail account. I am the Owner, with 3-read only shares to the nonprofit staff, while I created the base and am loading it for their Grants Team. The nonprofit is approved for discount rate.

How do we upgrade plan? If I do it from my gmail Account Ownership, then it is full price. Should steps be:

  1. Transfer ownership of base to nonprofit rep who is approved for pricing. How do you transfer ownership of a base?
  2. She upgrades with nonprofit credit card to Pro plan
  3. Nonprofit has to pay for two - Base Owner and me as the volunteer collaborator

Am I missing something? Thank you for helping us use AirTable on a shoe-string! It’s a fabulous tool

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