What is the best no-code tool to create mobile app using Airtable as database?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hey Guys, could you tell me about the tools that you’ve used or heard to create a mobile app with Airtable as a database.

I have some experience with Glide and Adalo but they do not have Airtable integrations, so I need to migrate data to google sheets somehow, looks like a complicated thing to do.

I need to represent my Airtable data with some mobile app interface. What would be the best options?

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect


I know we are a couple of years on since this post - but do you know that Glide now has a pretty solid Airtable integration?

I think Glide is a good front end solution. Surprised it doesn’t get more airtime on this forum


I’ve been playing with Noloco this weekend. Need to do some more work,  but it seems really good. 

I’ve grown frustrated with Glide due to limitations with the number of columns and frustrated with Softr with the lack of grouping. 

Noloco is looking promising on both those counts. Still early days though. So often find myself charging off with a solution only to hit a brick wall a few weeks down the line. 

Anyone have any experience with Noloco?

Spent a week with Noloco and would summarise it like this.

  • Extremely powerful and well thought out. If your data is set up and structured well in Airtable you can have an app working in literally minutes 
  • feels solid and robust. No silly bells and whistles and no weird bugs
  • responsive. if you change the Airtable schema that can take a while to sync over so try to make sure your Airtable data is solid before you start work in Noloco. Record edits / additions made in Airtable take a couple of minutes to sync to the Noloco app - but changes made in the Noloco app show instantly - so it’s best using only Noloco for data changes and just keep AT as a database source 
  • Their support has been amazing. Very quick and thorough.
  • app is in development. I made a suggestion for a small tweak on Tuesday - and it was implemented on Wednesday 
  • pricing is reasonable. 1 user is $30 or $59 p/month - depending on the plan,  but you can add 100 users for $119 a month. If you use all 100 users that’s really good value. $1.19 per user instead of Airtable $30 or so!
  • on the downside, very little design options. You can pretty much change the colour scheme and that’s it.  You have options to change some tags for text (h1 / h2 etc) but that’s it. No custom CSS
  •  they’ve obviously built it with mobile devices in mind, but there is no way of previewing how your site looks on mobile (like you can with Glide) - without getting your own phone out. 
  • They’re a small team and relatively new so the community is quite quiet and the only tutorial videos etc are by Noloco. That said - their written documentation and tutorial videos are excellent (Glide Apps tutorial videos are way better, but they are different level)

very happy to share more thoughts to anyone who would be interested. 

On the whole an excellent front end option for Airtable.