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WhatsApp Button for with text

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I created a Whatsapp button, that connected with the correct numer. But it doesnt included the text in the message. Opened the app but the text doesnt appear:
My formula is
IF({Movil}, ""& {Movil}&"text=Hola!%20estamos%20en%20el%20domicilio%20anterior%20al%20tuyo.%20ya%20nos%20queda%20poco.%20Nos%20vemos%20pronto,%20Equipo%20Vacunatorio%20Altotobalaba")

any suggestions?
thanks in advance

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Hola, desde Argentina.

Para que funcione, tu fórmula debería ser: 

IF({Movil}, ""& {Movil}&"&text=Hola!%20estamos%20en%20el%20domicilio%20anterior%20al%20tuyo.%20ya%20nos%20queda%20poco.%20Nos%20vemos%20pronto,%20Equipo%20Vacunatorio%20Altotobalaba")

Hola, no me termina de funcionar la parte del texto, me puedes ayudar? La idea es cogerlo de otro campo. Gracias.