When duplicating a view, can it be set as collaborative?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

We use a LOT of different grid views. I am finding that when I need to duplicate a collaborative view (so then I can slightly tweak it for a different saved view) it defaults to making the duplicate a “personal” view. I want it to remain collaborative, or at least be able to move it from personal to collaborative, but it does not seem to allow me to do that. It’s a pretty frustrating issue. Any pointers? Thank you!

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It’s definitely frustrating. Many of us consultants have complained to Airtable about this for many months now in private Zoom calls and Slack discussions with them, but they have refused to change this behavior. After you reach 20 views in your base, Airtable makes all future views collaborative. You can throw your voice into the mix by sending an email to, but it’s unlikely that anything will change.

You can change it from personal to collaborative. You need to do this at the top ribbon that shows the name of the active view, not from the list of views. Yes, it is confusing that there are two different context menus for views in two different places.

Thank you for clarifying, @kuovonne. I completely missed that part of the original poster’s message.

The only problem in regards to this topic is the defaulting to personal view. After that, it is changeable.