Why does our company Airtable take so long to load

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Why does a table that takes 2 seconds to load for me in N.America take upwards of 2 minutes to load for my colleague in Malaysia. Is this normal for whatever reasons related to Airtable infrastructure? or is there something on his side that might be a cause? 


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Oooh, may I know what time that happens for your colleague in Malaysia?  I'm in this region and have noticed that it seems to get pretty slow in the evenings / night (Malaysian time) and thought that it was something on my side

Any idea what might be causing it, Adam? I wonder if there are others experiencing this. What hours does it drop off for you typically?


No idea I'm afraid.  I notice that sometimes it gets pretty bad for me at about 1pm++ GMT