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Does anyone else think its stupid to have the view selected in page designer auto default to the view you are in?! !@$#%L# once it set it it should STAY! never have i needed the selected view of records that a page is designed for to CHAAAAAANGE! unnecessary functionality that probably took way longer to build than it would have to do it correctly!!! rant over. maybe im the only one but i print at least 1 wrong batch every time because of this.

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There is no shortage of problems with the terrible Page Designer app! However, once you set the view in Page Designer, it should always stay the same from that point forward unless you change it.

For me, when I set the View to cycle from (or print from, these are two separate settings), the selected View persists across app refreshes. Can you describe the process you’re doing?

Also, its not the point of your post, but coding an Airtable app to match the active/current view is actually very, very easy haha

So i have 3 page designers that pull from views with very specific filters.
they have to be separate because some times the info im putting on the page needs to be on the left, on the right or in the center. so i have separate page designers and views titled left, right and center. i set them to match the view they need to print from but then by the time i am ready to print all the settings are gone and im printing whatever view im in currently. i need to just be able to go to that page designer and hit print and know that its still going to be printing the right pages from the right view.

I’m not sure I follow. However, one thing you can do is create 3 different button fields in your base, and each button can jump you to a different Page Designer App. Maybe that will help.