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Automatically resize uploaded images

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi there,
is there in the future roadmap of airtable development the possibility to upload images, automatically resizing images through predefined settings (crop image, image max dimensions, image quality, auto rename, etc.).
Thanks in advance

10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

It’s an old topic but just want to chip in in case somebody else interested…

  1. Integromat has a workflow module to resize images. It’s probably not what you want, but it can put the resized image into the cell next to where you have your images. Then you will need to manually copy and past the resized images from one cell to the other to manually replace your original images. At least it’s free with Integromat. You can have up to 2 free workflows with integration to your Android or iOS you can fire the workflow when you need.

  2. Airtable doesn’t seem to have a way to calculate the size of attachment per row. However, Integromat can be used to fetch the image size (e.g. the HTTP get module or others) and you should be able to record the size back in AirTable. You could then use AirTable formula plus and point the Integromat picture resize workflow to start if that condition is True. if the condition is true (e.g. size is above certain size in MB), the workflow will run and resize all images. If there are multiple images in the same cell, if you want to go a step further, you could only resize images over certain size and leave the others as they are.

I haven’t tested what is described under point #2 but it should be possible. If you happen to achieve it using the suggestion here, please do not forget to provide feedback and share how you set it up.

Attached is the workflow I use to resize my images in AirTable.

Again, it does require me to go and manually copy the cell with resized images and replace the images in the cell with full size images. But it does get job done. Better than download images manually first. But it’s a free solution.


6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Oh, I didn’t know that Integromat has an image processing app. I’m just trying to set it up, although, I’m a bit worried about the maximum width and height limit.

The maximum width/height limit had been exceeded while changing the image dimensions. The image size must not exceed 3840 px width and 2160 px height


@itoldusoandso have you ever hit the image dimensions restriction? Does it apply to the input or the output image (or both)?

10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

I see that’s a problem if you are working with hi-res images. I tested the workflow worked OK for images I have (but I must admit, in my situation I don’t care for resolution, just the image size). Anyhow I hit another road bump but posting on Reddit somebody suggested a nice idea so I want to share.

The issue is, the suggested workflow will only process the first image. The issue is with the HTTP Get module and Google Drive (HTTP Get runs on specific image only and Google Drive doesn’t seem to distinguish file name)

  1. Suggestion was via ITERATOR and ARRAY AGGREGATOR module. It seems simple for somebody who is familiar with Integromat but I don’t think I can manage to do that, unless somebody experienced here can build it.

  2. Second suggestion was via They offer free accounts as well with API. Maybe somebody here has done a flow already.


Good news… Zapier has integration with Cloudinary.

Would somebody who is familiar with Cloudinary here be able to test it and provide feedback?

cloudzap cloudinary