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Calendar view enhancement requests (reminders, delete prompts, persistent view)

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I would love to see some kind of reminder or alert system for items that are setup to display on Calendar views. One of my bases has a table that is used to keep track of follow-up calls to potential customers. If they’re called once and we schedule a follow-up, I have a column with a date/time format and a calendar based on that field. Without alerts, users are advised to check their calendar each morning and afternoon for upcoming scheduled follow-ups, but it would be great when adding a date/time to a column that is tied to a calendar if there could also be an option for reminders or alerts. Maybe something like Outlook reminders, 15 minutes before the time and the option to snooze for 5 minutes or dismiss completely.

Additionally, I’ve noticed that the view of records in the Calendar doesn’t persist when you leave and come back in. For instance, this table has over 1200 records but only some are going to have follow-up times on them. I change the view in the top right corner from “all records” to “records with dates” but it doesn’t stay that way if I leave and return. Due to the nature of the table and its size, displaying all records will never be useful so I’d like to avoid having to change it each time.

And finally, something I just noticed and am very concerned about, is the “delete” option when viewing an item from the Calendar. I just tested it and it doesn’t just delete/clear the info in the relevant date/time field, it deletes the entire record. There’s no prompt to confirm anything, so a simple misclick could completely remove a record from the table and this is a bit scary. I would think it would be far more often needed to simply clear the date field than to delete an entire record, especially from the Calendar view, but maybe it could be solved by asking which they’d like when clicking delete? I think any kind of data removal could benefit from a bit of an extra step to be sure that removal is intended.


10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

If you would like to sync your Airtable data with your external calendar and show more than the primary key field, we’ve built this extension that allows you to select any other field. It also supports other event field types like location, notes, URL, etc.