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Best way to handle spam that comes in from embedded forms?

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Does anyone have a recommended way to handle spam that comes in through publicly share/embedded Airtable forms? We've had forms published for over a year that never got spam before and then between Dec 20, 2022 and Dec 23, 2022 we got 49,245 spam submissions. It disrupted our workflow and prompted messages that we are over our limit. It generally feels invasive and pretty horrible. Any tips are welcome!

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Having a question bots can't answer?  Or a hidden field that bots will fill out?

Bots now use AI to answer questions, and they're really getting good at it. They can also ferret out hidden fields using headless browsers - it's an arms race; you cannot win that war in this way. If you have so many bot entries in a database that it reaches the limits of the data table itself, the vendor is the problem, not your form or the bots.