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A tool to sync part of your Airtable base with clients

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Hi there,

I usually see people asking “how to share view with edit access” or “how can i share some part of my Airtable base”.
Well, long story short, i had the same need for my business so i built a tool internally to solve that.
I sync part of my base to clients, let them edit some fields and sync the data back to the master base.
I think it’s cool tool and many users would like it, so i’m sharing it here.
It’s still in beta, with a small price ( side project ), so if you would like to try it out, write me a message on the chat.
Syncing bases with client and partners has been a game changer and i’m now moving almost everything to Airtable.


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issue got solved thankyou so much!!

I think I need what you are talking about here. I am trying to sync only a portion of a base, rather than all of the entries. I tried sorting by group, which is what I needed, but I was unable to sync only that one specific group. Is there a way to do that?

I’ve been searching for a decent Airtable front end for SO long!

I would love to take part in your beta - please send me any details/links. And thank you for sharing your project! :blush: