Airplan: An Airtable Based Project Manager

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I’ve developed a Project Management Application and published it to the Airtable Universe. At this point only a few people have kicked the tires and taken it out for a spin. I’m posting this message here because I value the opinion of the folks in this community believe you guys can make it a better application. I’d love to get your feedback on bugs and suggested improvements.

Here’s the Universe Link:

Here’s the base’s Universe Description:

Airplan is a ‘traditional’ Project Management application implemented in Airtable.

  • Airplan schedules the tasks in a project based on each task’s estimated work and the estimated end dates of the other tasks it depends on.
  • Airplan takes weekends, holidays, and vacation into account when calculating the end date of a task.
  • Airplan produces a schedule from minimal information about each task and refines the schedule as you refine the project plan. The minimum viable schedule requires for each task only its name, estimated work, the person assigned to the task, and its dependent tasks. With this minimal information Airplan will schedule the project assuming the project start date is the current date.
  • When you add or update tasks, Airplan updates the project schedule dynamically to reflect your input. Airplan feeds a Gannt chart with your tasks’ dates and maintains the schedule so that your Gannt doesn’t have invalid dependencies that you need to manually correct.
  • You can define a task that is dependent on a second task which is in turn dependent on a third task, and so on to arbitrary depth and arbitrary numbers of dependent tasks. Airplan will alert you to circular references in your dependencies and the chain of tasks involved.
  • Airplan can schedule multiple projects in one base to support cross-project dependencies. Project member information is shared between all projects in a base.
  • Each member of the project team can define their own holidays, and vacations, and can define how many hours per day that they work.
  • Airplan comes with documentation as part of the base. It has a ‘Help’ table with a User Guide, Installation and Configuration documents, and other useful information.
  • Since Airplan is implemented in Airtable, you can customize the base to meet your needs.
    • You can modify its tables, views, and interfaces to better meet your needs.
    • You can add your own automations to handle the adding of new tasks to Airplan.
    • You can add your own scripts to enhance scheduling functions to align with your own organization’s needs.
    • You can feed multiple Airplan bases with a single synced table of team members’ profiles and vacation/holiday schedules and customize your plans to use the synced table.

If you prefer to report a bug or feature request directly rather than replying with a review or discussion point you can use this link to add a Ticket to the Airplan bug reporting base:

Airplan comes with a User Guide, Installation and configuration instructions in its ‘Help’ table. Since scripts are stripped out of a base when it’s published to the Airtable Universe you’ll need to use the installation guide to reconfigure them. That’s a lot of effort just to bring up a base that might not meet your needs. I’ve done a short YouTube video demoing Airplan’s core capabilities to help you decide if Airplan suites your needs before you go through the whole download and configure work. Video is here:


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