Airtable Scripting Course for NoCoders

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Hi everyone,

quick announcement that I'm building an Airtable Scripting Course for NoCoders, launching before the end of February.

This course will compress what's I've learned from writing 1000s of scripts in Airtable over the years. 

Please sign up here if you're interested 🙂


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Sounds cool. I’ve wanted to  create a scripting course, but have never had the time. 

Can you tell a little more about your plans?

Will the course have live meetings? Will there be a cohort of students moving through the course together?

Will the course be self-directed and self-paced? Will there be instructor feedback?

What type of assessments will the course have?

How long will the course last? About how many hours will you expect users to need to progress through the program?

How much will the course cost?

Hi @kuovonne,

thanks for your message. Only managing to reply now.

Very happy to expand on what I'm planning. I'm also quite limited in time, so the course won't have live meetings / I won't be able to host live meetings. The course will be self-directed / self-paced, but with the option to reach out to me. I'm also going to be available for live dev sessions if anyone wants to go deeper and will charge for those additionally.

The course will be short & snappy (still need to practice a lot for that :D). My thinking is 2-3 hours. 

My goal with it is to give people an easy start into writing scripts in Airtable. So it's really an Airtable Scripting 101. Modern JS basics / the bare minimum to get started. Things I would've wished to have when I started out. The course could also be titled "Learn the basics of scripting in Airtable, so ChatGPT doesn't get you in trouble" 😄

Consequently, cost will be rather low. Most likely 99$.

It honestly surprises me that no one else has done it yet. The closest was Aron Korenblit from Automate All The Things 2 years ago or so with a short series on YouTube.

Anyways, those are my thoughts. Looking forward to hear yours!


Thanks for the additional info on what your course will look like. 

I believe that other people have tried creating "intro to scripting in Airtable" courses before. I believe that Justin Barrett did a workshop and possibly an associated class a year or more ago. I also have written Kuovonne's Guide to Scripting.

Another possible reason there aren't more courses like you describe is because there are already a bunch of free "intro to JavaScript" courses on the internet. They are not Airtable specific, but people who successfully compete one of those courses can probably layer in the Airtable specific features from the documentation. However, new users may prefer an "all-in-one" package so that gets them doing things in Airtable faster without having to juggle multiple resources.

Here are two other challenges that I have when thinking about writing my own course:

  • While it may not take much time to present the basic grammar and vocabulary, it usually takes a lot more time and practice for the concepts to really sink in for the student to become fluent. I would want to build in activities that help students get that practice.
  • In order to move beyond really basic scripts, it is necessary to know more than the basic grammar and vocabulary. The script writer needs to know how to put together different pieces to solve problems. It is like the difference between writing a single sentence or a simple paragraph and being able to write a full, coherent, essay. Writing an essay is a lot harder than writing a sentence or paragraph, and requires a much larger set of skills.