Simple project and team management interfaces for Airtable

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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

Hi everyone
I’m really pleased with this Airtable system I just built for project and team management. and launched in my store on gumroad today.

It works by having two interfaces connected to the same base: one for the project managers, one for the team. The manager enters basic employee data, including their contracted hours, and assigns them to projects. Employees can then see the projects to which they’re assigned in their own interface, interact with each other through the chat, log any expenses their projects have accrued, and submit reports. They can also “clock in” and out again, which timestamps their entries and tracks this data with the time assigned by the manager for each project. When a project has multiple people assigned to it, the time assigned for working on the project is divided equally among them (e.g. a 30 hour project assigns 10 hours to each team member to working on that project). The idea is to encourage collaboration and accountability for teams working to short deadlines, as well as allow the manager to keep track of multiple projects at once, that may be spread across multiple teams.

If the manager needs to keep their own interface private, they will need the “Teams” plan or above, so that they can share the team interface only, but other than this feature, everything works fine on Airtable’s free plans.

Feedback welcome!

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