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Call Center Software - Using Interfaces - Showcase

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Hello Fellow Airtable Users,

This is my First post :grinning:

Created a Call Center Software made w/ Interfaces.

Making this truly made me realize how much interfaces can improve workflows and just wanted to share.

Would love any feedback if this is a good or not. :grinning_face_with_sweat:

(The Data is populated with Fake/dummy text and is more lively with populated data)


  • Rollup field for our Users profile Whatsapp/Slack/ upon click it shows the correct Chat/channel associated with the User.

    • Update Notes
    • Update Status

The Airtable Logos on the right is where sensitive docs about the Caller.

Thanks all,

Airtable Specialist


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Looks Good @Jay_D,
I created something similar to this a while back. A feature the client really liked was an external comments section that works like Zendesk. Using webhook (make), customer email comments enter the ticket in a non editable text field. Then agents can add comment, this emails the customer with the comment, and stores it in chain in the non editable field.

Maybe you can add some metrics on the ticket. Time since received, Time to first reply, Time to resolution…