Codemap: A big thanks to the Airtable community and our road ahead in 2021 🚀

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi everyone,

:pray: First of all, wishing you a happy, healthy, and productive 2021 - hope everyone had a good rest over the holidays. I’d also like to give a massive thank you to the Airtable community for supporting our journey and using to find no-code & automation projects and hire experts - the response and positive/constructive feedback we’ve been receiving over the past 3 months are nothing short of amazing, and we are truly thankful for that and for our vision resonating with you.

:nerd_face: If you still haven’t, feel free to join us and sign up to get matched and hired for the right no-code & automation projects - we will keep operating on the basis of our “no bidding” and “no commission” concept for both experts & agencies.

:moneybag: With a total of $600.000+ in project value since launching Oct 2020, we are really content with the demand side so far. Over the coming months and going forward in general, our focus will be on expanding and solidifying our project offering across various different no-code, low-code, and automation tools.

:telescope: A couple of key upgrades and updates we have on the roadmap: We are expanding on our opportunity management features, which will enable users to move through various interaction stages even more smoothly and efficiently; we’re soon starting a newsletter with product updates and community content; we are kicking-off a no-code talent initiative to showcase new-joiner freelancers and agencies across our social/ client-outreach channels and support experts in growing awareness of their no-code expertise, skills, and the services they provide, on and off Codemap.

:shushing_face: We also have a couple of big announcements which we’ll be releasing in the following weeks and are really pumped up about that, so stay tuned!

Cheers and have a great weekend ahead!

Goran and the Codemap team

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