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4 - Data Explorer

Hi, need some help! I make a chart on than i build a formula in airtable to pass the the variables 

[SUBSTITUTE("" & ARRAYJOIN({items from graph 2 all},",") & "&data1=" & ARRAYJOIN({Rampa interna primaria},",")& "&data2=" & ARRAYJOIN({Rampa esterna primaria},",") & "&data3=" & ARRAYJOIN({Rampa interna non primaria},",") & "&data4=" & ARRAYJOIN({Rampa esterna non primaria},",")," ","%20")]the formula generates a link to the dynamic graph [ . How can i convert this formul field in a image field on airtable? Thanks


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You have to use Airtable’s API for that, which means that you would either need to use scripting or a low-code API tool like DataFetcher or Make. I use Make for so many different things, that that’s what I typically use. But DataFetcher is awesome, too!

Never mind what I said earlier. I just discovered that if you use Airtable's native automations, and you type the URL within quotation marks for an attachment field, it will download the attachment and put it into the attachment field! I don't know when it started working this way, but it works this way now! 🙂 

@openside @kuovonne @Hannah_Wiginton Did you guys know this? I just discovered this today! 🙂 

Thanks for your answer @ScottWorld. My problem is that my starting point is a formula, not a url, so i guess the only way is a script.

You should be able to put quotes around the formula field in your automation and that should work. If that doesn't work, you probably don't need to write a script for this if you don't already know Javascript, because Make has built-in support for QuickChart

Thanks @ScottWorld. It doesn't work, message is "Field "Chart image" cannot accept the provided value: Invalid string."  I try with Make or Zapier.