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Hey all,

I’m really excited to share something that has been a long time in the making and one I think will help a lot of people. I’m curious: how many of you use Zapier for your Airtable integrations? I wanted to get a general poll for a sense of how people are using automation with Airtable:

POLL: Do you use Zapier for your Airtable integrations?

  • I have no need for Zapier
  • Nope, I use another platform
  • No, but I might in the near future
  • Yes, and it does absolutely everything I want it to
  • Yes, but I need it to do more (it lacks key functionality)

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Excited to tell you about a project I’ve been working on and finally ready to launch! I’d welcome your feedback and insights on this. It truly is a game changer for what you can do with Airtable and opens the door for endless possibilities.

Disclaimer: We are not associated with Airtable or Zapier (although we are an Expert Partner of Zapier). Using this product requires entering your API key into Zapier and our connector which means we technically do have access to it, however we do not store it on our systems anywhere. It is only stored on Zapier’s systems, similar to the existing connector.

What we’ve done: created an advanced Airtable-Zapier connector based on our experience and a lot of feedback from real-world companies’ experience

Who it’s for and why: any size companies using Airtable that rely heavily on automation in their workflows, and need it to do more (can I get an amen for triggering every time a record is updated, not just once?!)

What the connector includes: I’ve put together this chart to show the side-by-side of what the original Zapier connector has vs. what we’ve made:
(click on image to view full screen)


How you can help: check out the connector page, give some feedback here, and if it’s a fit for what you’re doing give it a try (use coupon code SHOWANDTELL for 10% off - offer good till end the month)

For full documentation on how it works, check out our knowledge base.

– the Openside Team

P.S. Here are a few use case examples of what it can do

This is an example of what we’ve been able to accomplish using this connector

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Fair point. Poor explanation. I’ll improve that.

What that means is that each record that matches criteria will trigger its own zap. Where as our Bulk Triggers will trigger 1 zap with ALL matching records all within a single zap.

However, if the record later matches the trigger criteria, it will definitely trigger again.

Interesting, well the reason I ask is that I need to build my own integration and I can’t use Zapier, with or without your connector, so I’m trying to figure out how to implement my own listener which will execute when it detects an update to a record.

I don’t suppose you can give me a high level description of how you did this? One way would be to request all records in the table on a regular (e.g. cron-like) basis.

Are you pulling all of the records from the base?

Nope. You’ll want to check out the API specs and utilize the filterByFormula parameter of api to retrieve only what is relevant.

Good luck!

OK, thanks.

I want to filter by last modified but based on this ticket, that functionality hasn’t been released yet: t/last-modified-time/18867/217