Re: Easy integration with marketing tools like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Facebook Lead Forms, etc

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Have you ever wished it was easier to get new contacts into Airtable from various web forms? Or send marketing emails to people in your tables without manually exporting-importing data? Now you can!

We at Outfunnel have added an Airtable integration , that makes it super easy to connect Airtable to email marketing tools like Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign, or web forms like Wix Forms, Elementor, Contact Form 7 and Facebook Lead Forms. So that the next time you send out a newsletter, you can skip the export csv-import csv bit.

We’ll continuously be adding marketing tools you can create connections with (at least 2-3 more coming before the end of the year eg. Calendly).

How is this better or different than tools like Zapier, you may ask. Generic app integration tools are great for creating basic connections between Airtable and other apps. But deeper marketing use cases can get complex and pricey very quickly. We’re a team of marketing and sales pros and we’ve poured our hearts into making our marketing integrations super useful and easy.

Last but not least: is there a marketing tool you’d like to integrate with Airtable with and that Outfunnel doesn’t support yet?

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Look useful. I’ll wait for the free trial when the Active Campaign to Airtable functionality is released :muscle:

Love to learn about use cases we don’t yet cover! Could you please share in a bit more detail what you’d be after - simply adding AC subscribers to Airtable or something else?

I"m no AC expert, but we do use AC as a email tool intensively at work. We also have an ERP, but for operational stuff, it doesn’t work that efficiently. It would be great if we had a 2way sync between AT en AC for, eg, using a list from an event, a fair, … in AT and sync with AC, or syncing a certain list of users from AC (eg people who opened mailing x or y for further sales actions that are managed in AT) to AT. Or using AT to more easily clean up AC lists (eg via the new filter functionalities).

Just my first thoughts.