Essential Guide to Airtable Backups

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The Essential Guide to Backups for Your Airtable Bases | On2Air

Having a backup of the company information you’ve stored in Airtable is vital. Whether it’s in your client contracts, part of your company operating procedures, or gives you peace of mind, with this guide, you can always have a backup copy of your...


If you consider your data in Airtable vital to run your business, you should consider backing it up to a secondary location.

We’ve created a guide on how to implement best practices to backup your Airtable bases. We also show you how you can manually or automatically back up your bases.

Automatic backups are done with our On2Air Backups extension.

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Did you know?

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency deems data backup as an essential element for ensuring cybersecurity in businesses and organizations.

The recommended backup structure by the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team is the 3-2-1 structure.

  • 3 copies of any important file: 1 primary and 2 backups
  • Keep the files on 2 different media types
  • Store 1 copy offsite

When you export your critical data from Airtable into another location, you’ve implemented best practices for protecting your business.


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