Pro Backup 2.0 launched for Airtable

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hello Airtable community, 

3 years ago we published the first version of Pro Backup for Airtable (see original post). Since a lot has changed since our launch I thought I'd give on update and tell what has been improved in the last year. 

What has been improved since the launch? 

  • Our integration is now available as an official integration on the Airtable app marketplace
  • The User interface has been redesigned and rebuilt from scratch making the experience more intuitive & faster.
  • You can now manage the backups of multiple SaaS apps within one Pro Backup account.
  • The Backups page now allows to easily compare versions for reach record / data type: For example you can easily compare the versions of each of your tables, comments & field configurations.
  • Improved restore capabilities: It is now possible to restore entire tables but also to perform more granular restore requests such as restoring a specific field or comment back to the existing table. 
  • Improved click-through navigation: You can easily look a certain table and view its related items, comments or fields
  • Backup & restore reports: Get a better overview of the backup activities and track the status of your restore requests.
  • Smart alerts: Get notified when we see unexpected behaviour in your data backups (e.g. the number of tables has significantly decreased)
  • Google Single-Sign on is now available
  • Virus scanner: You can now apply additional security checks on your files
  • Audit reports: Get access to the activity logs of your account

With these updates we firmly believe that Pro Backup for Airtable is the best and most complete backup/restore solution for Airtable. Some tutorial videos to showcase Pro Backup 2.0: 

If you have any questions about this integrations, please ask! 

Cheers, Will

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