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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hey everyone, I spent some time in the last couple weeks to upgrade my personal habit builder to include some latest features. Just learnt that the progress bar is supported natively. It looks so good! 🀩

The habit builder includes:
goal gallery: with goal templates, calculated progress (I'm so glad that progress bar is now supported as a native feature. This looks so good!) and status reporting all at glance. Built in automations to auto populate weekly log and reminding off track goals.
current week: quick access to log progress, feelings and notes for goals.
activity overview: list of goals and activities, with filter, sort, search and more
insights: analytics on goals and deepdive into activities


It uses some of the more advanced Airtable features including formula, rollups, progress bar, interface, automation. The habit builder is particularly beneficial when your goal is to carry out a task daily and steadily advance over time. Check out if you want to learn more 😁

If you got any questions, reply or emailing me!

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