Have you had frustrations with Interfaces? Try On2Air Forms instead

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10 - Mercury

Interfaces is an amazing Airtable feature! But, you’ve probably run into some limitations with permissions or other limitations.

With On2Air Forms, you can build and share interactive forms, dashboards, and pages for your company to update or create Airtable data instantly. 

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On2Air Forms Features:

  • Update existing Airtable records
  • Create new Airtable records
  • Create linked records
  • Edit linked records
  • View linked records
  • Display data from your base
  • Pre-populate form fields with data
  • Add SubForms inside of your form to update multiple tables and linked records from 1 form
  • Allow editing and viewing of data even if not a User on your Airtable account (no need to purchase more Users)
  • Create custom Dashboard/Portal pages for clients and your team with unique URLs (Login Options on long-term roadmap)
  • Use basic and dynamic filters to limit record viewed
  • Use URL prefills to display specific records
  • Add default values to fields per user
  • Display, Hide, and/or Require fields
  • Dynamically display data
  • Conditional fields
  • Enable field validation (dates, emails, phone numbers, etc.)
  • Live calculate data
  • Create landing pages
  • Multi-column and custom width support
  • and much more!

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