How to add and display Purchase Orders

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi everyone,
I have asked support for some guidance, perhaps some examples or white papers on how to deal with Purchase Orders, but so far, no response. So in the meantime, I am hoping to get information from the community. Besides of having couple (or more tables) to store the Purchase Orders and its PO Lines, I need to create the Input form to enter a PO and of course, a print out. I have played with Forms, but I don’t see how to display the master-slave tables so the user can enter as many items as they want. Is this possible in Airtable or does it need to done outside of the environment? Thanks in advance.


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Interface Designer will likely eventually be the go-to solution as soon as creating new records in “connected” grids is enabled.

Until then, there are apps in the Marketplace that make creating “child” records or junction table records easier.

In terms of printing (or generating PDFs), that would be handled by either the Page Designer app or the various 3rd party alternatives like Documint or Formstack