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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

As a beginner on Airtable, I would like to create a database with 2 tables (at least I think so) in n:n raltion.

I have an EMPLOYEES table with several items, made unique by a personnel number.

I'd like to create a "training courses attended" table, knowing that :
Unique criteria must be validated
Each criterion is uniquely linked to a skill
Each skill is uniquely linked to a theme

The aim is to obtain a view on which I can sort the results by employee (validated criteria)
or by theme or skill (list of employees who have validated an entire theme or a list of skills).

The EMPLOYEE table is easy to create, but I'm stuck on the SKILLS table because of the dependencies between themes, skills and criteria.
But also on the method of links to be created with the EMPLOYES table.

Or am I making a mistake and needing 3 tables: THEMATICS, SKILLS and CRITERIA?

Thanks for your help !


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