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How do I build my tables?

Hello,As a beginner on Airtable, I would like to create a database with 2 tables (at least I think so) in n:n raltion.I have an EMPLOYEES table with several items, made unique by a personnel number.I'd like to create a "training courses attended" tab...

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Printing an interface view

Hi all, I've pretty much got Airtable now doing exactly what I need it to. However, the one sticking point that I have is the custom view that I have created just misaligns then attempting to print it. Which is a critical thing in our business. I tri...

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How can I get rid of the cookie popup in the embed view ?

Airtable has just released a popup to allow cookies on all embed views making my app not usable anymore....Each time I refresh the page, the same popup is displayed !How can I get rid of this popup allowing cookie ?Thank you for your help!

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I built a Custom ChatGPT to help with Scripting.

Hey Airtable Community! I've pooled my learnings about Airtable scripting and created something for us 'no'-coders: Airtable Script Helper. It's my first project since OpenAI launched custom ChatGPTs last week, and I'm excited to share it with you![R...

Screenshot 2023-11-15 at 06.57.20.png
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Get insights from base data in seconds

Hello! This tool will allow you to ask a question about any base and will generate results (using AI) and display them on a nice little graph.To use it simply sign up, and connect airtable with a personalAccessToken. I'm the founder so if you have an...

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Customizing language for months and weekdays in Timeline view

Hi,I am looking for a way to customize to local language names of months and weekdays in Timeline view, located on the top of the graph. This is also applicable for names of buttons used to pick the time slot of visible part of the timeline. As datab...

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How to delete all empty rows at once?

Hi! How can I delete all my empty rows at once?I mean I have 8,200 rows but half of them are empty (due to my import format). I don't want to click manually to each of the 4,100 empty rows and click to delete.Do you have a trick to do it faster? With...

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Order Management System Tutorial - Part 2

Add packing slip tables and automation and integrate with Fillout forms to obtain signatures from shipping and receiving.

Order Management System - Part 2.png
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A new extension "Link Record Helper" is now available

Hi Airtable community,My first extention is now available.Link Record Helper - Marketplace - AirtableIt is a simple function to copy and paste multiple selected records into one Link to other table field.Just copy, paste, click, and paste. Simple des...

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I wrote a blog on my Airtable export backup solution.

Here is a blogpost I wrote. It shows how, on a schedule, I backup my Airtable data by both exporting to Google sheets, and to my local Mac for offline use.Check it out and let me know what you think:

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How to create end user's portals with a third party software

Hi Community!We have the employee information on our Airtable.Also, we have some forms that they can submit, for example leave requests or overtime requests.It would be nice that they can see their own records they submitted in the past but it would ...

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Extension Page Designer issue - Export PDF

Hello,My team uses the Page Designer extension to export pdf files for our customers. Until recently, the urls were active when exporting PDF files, but now the urls no longer work. We absolutely need them. Could you please help us? Thank you in adva...

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