How to find average of total qty in each group?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi, Below is my airtable base.

I have grouped the records on basis of my product. I want to find the average of qty in each group. The average should be such that total of all qty in a group divided by no.of.rows in that group. How can i do this on Airtable?


For eg - THe average of first group is 68/8 = 8.5



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Change the value in the summary bar above each group to “average” instead of “sum”.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thanks @kuovonne , How can i create a table and show an average of each group? 

Community Manager
Community Manager

You will need a linked record table based on what you want to average on.  Say by month for example.  So all of the January records would link to a January row in your linked. Table.  Then your rollup will use average(values). Do this for every month and you will have a table of averages. 

Kuovonne wasn't suggesting that you create a table and show an average of each group. They were suggesting that you click at the top of your grouped field where it says sum above the column you highlighted and change that from Sum to Average. 

If you want a separate field in that same view, I'm sure you could use a formula to get the average either using a basic formula field or using a roll-up type formula. 

You could also create a separate table, but I'd need to know your expected output and what you group and filter by to get you the output you need.