How to sort a field via formula or scripting?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi, I would like to ask if this is possible. So we have an airtable view that contains all the schools in the Dallas metro area. Under Dallas, there are 58 schools. But we want to get the top 20 schools base on their School score. Is there a way to get the top 20 schools with the biggest "School Score" via the formula field or scripting? Though we can use the "Sort" but we want to have a field that will be updated into "Yes" or maybe "To be uploaded" when their school score is included in the top 20 biggest school scores.  



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Create automation triggered by change in 'Score' column

Add  'Find records' step where score is bigger or equal to trigger record score.

Add conditional logic - if Find Records length <20 and updated record is unmarked, mark it (by 'Yes' or '2b uploaded')