How to stop filter from autopopulating fields

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone, I have an issue that randomly just started... Happening.

Specifically, I use AT as a task manager for my team. Each team member's personal view is filtered like this:

"{Owner is [name X]}


{Status is Ready for QA

AND QA is [name X]}"

Both "Owner" and "QA" are user columns. Status is multiple choice.

Now, this worked perfectly until last Friday. On Friday, the QA column started automatically populating all new records in the view. This means that as soon as I create a new record, my name is automatically added to the QA field, when I don't want it there. The Owner column works perfectly normally, i.e. not automatically populating with [name X].

How do I fix this? It's important to keep the filter so everybody sees all their tasks and we don't miss stuff, and as I said, it worked well until last Friday. 😞 

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