ISO Validation Techniques - Suspect Trolls in my Survey Data!

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4 - Data Explorer

Dear Community:

I'm currently running a communitys survey with a giftcard drawing. I've noticed some suspicious responses come in (emails with formats NAMENAME #####), non-standard/nonsensical answers to fillable responses. Some are also in other languages, which is not a flag in and of itself since we are a multi-lingual community.

One section is for busiensses and requires a business address - folks who don't give me one in the area geography (in town) are disqualified. I hadn't required this for general population as I don't want to discourage respondents, but since I can't use CAPTCHA I'm currently thinking my best solution is to require an address, state its necessary for data validation, and disclose that my org won't use or share this info?

Any advice on best practices, ways to accurately clean my data, or other methods to ensure valid responses and not a flood of randos just wanting a gift card? 


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