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Medical Expense Tracking base

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The link below is to a base I developed for tracking medical expenses. It can track expenses for any number of patients, medical services, and providers. The base allows the recording of charges, insurance amounts (disallowed and allowed), deductibles, co-insurance and co-pay amounts. It also can track amounts paid by insurance to the provider and to the insured, as well as payments made in settlement of bills from providers. There is a main Medical Expenses table and additional Patient, Service, and Provider tables. Each field has a description of what it is for, and there are several different views of the main Medical Expenses table.

Of course, the sample data in the base is just that and is intended to show the various types of entries that can be necessary in recording expenses, insurance rulings, and personal payments.

Copying the base is enabled on this read-only link. I hope that some will find it useful.

Medical Expense Tracking

Van Zeck

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Hello Van_Zeck - I found your Medical Expense base very useful in helping me with a base I have been trying to create. I was wondering if you would be willing to help me with mine? It’s similar but I am stuck right now. Any help you could provide would be appreciated!

Mr. Miller,
I would be happy to help if I can. I am certainly not an expert in AirTable. The Medical Expense base is the most involved one I have created. I’m not sure how best to proceed. I guess we could continue to post here, or we could switch to emails just between the two of us. Either way is okay with me. I now have your email and you should have mine.
Van Zeck

Great! Thank you. I don’t think I have your email - if you have mine can you send me one?

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